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Hall for Hire


SeniorNet Nelson is located in Pioneer Park, 11 Hastings Street, Nelson.

The Hall is available for Hire. Minimum Hire Period is 2 hours. The recommended seated capacity is 90.

Facilities available:

o Hall [8 metres x 13 metres]
o Tables & trestles [Two trestles, one Table}
o Projector / Screen/ Audio [By arrangement]
o Heat Pumps x 2 [Heating and cooling]
o Chairs [80 upholstered, 20 plastic]  
o Kitchen [Kitchen stoves x 2, Hot water heater, refrigerator, some crockery]

To make enquires please leave a message at (03) 548-9401 or email contact@seniornetnelson,org.nz 

Hall Hire Charges 


 Rates on Application - under review at 7th December, 2017

A minimum of two hours is charged for any hire period. 

Rates for Not-for-Profit organisations and private individuals.
Casual Hire:    Rate $     per hour  - up to 3 hours.
Regular Hire:   Rate $    per hour - up to 3 hours.
Half Day Hire:  $     (morning or afternoon) - up to 4 hours.
Full Day Hire:   $     between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm - up to 10 hours.

Rate for Commercial Operators:  
Minimum $     for up to 6 hours and $     per extra hour thereafter.         

Conferences, seminars, meetings etc.:
$       for full day hire between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm.
$       for evening from 6.00 pm onwards until latest 11.30 pm.

Additional Hire of projector and sound equipment: $   per hour.
Bond required: $     00 per casual hire.

No GST is applicable. We are not registered for GST.  

For any applications which do not fall into any of the above categories, contact SeniorNet Nelson for the Hire Rate.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and complete the Application for Hire of Hall