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Keyboard and Mouse Skills

keyboard and mouseKeyboard & Mouse Skills

Two x 2-hour sessions    Cost $20
For Windows users



This course is for absolute beginners to computing. 



Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • Basic terminology (computer-speak)
  • What Hardware and Software means
  • About the various components of the computer.
  • About the Mouse, which is used to activate commands on the computer
  • How to hold the Mouse correctly
  • How to move the Mouse Pointer (Cursor) around the screen of your computer (Desktop).
  • To open up 'drop-down' menus which allow you to select actions for your computer
  • Keyboard Skills to familiarise you with the features of the Keyboard
  • What all the buttons and keys on the keyboard mean
  • Some useful 'shortcuts' which save you from using the Mouse.

At the end of the two sessions you will feel a great deal more confident about the basic ways to use the Computer.

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