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Welcome to the New Year

Our volunteers are all refreshed and looking forward to another fun year sharing our knowledge and getting to know you. Our calendar’s already filling up with events and courses, with more in the pipeline as we gear up for 2021. You can take advantage of our first Help and Practice session for 2021 starting at 10am on Tuesday 26th January and the always amazing Digital Imagery Group meeting at 2pm on Friday 29th January. Keep checking to discover what's coming up on the SeniorNet Nelson Timetable Email us with your requests or queries:

Skinny Jump Offer: Subsidised broadband

The December issue of the Super Seniors Newsletter mentions heavily subsidised prepaid internet access from Spark, marketed as Skinny Jump. Skinny Jump is for those who don't have a broadband connection at home because cost is a barrier. You might like to check this out for someone you know. Click the icon for more information. Check out other interesting items on the Super Seniors website at:

Phishing Scam re NZ Transport Agency

The NZ Transport Agency is warning people of a scam vehicle licence email that is back in circulation. The email looks like a standard vehicle licensing renewal reminder with the NZ Transport Agency logo and links to the online transaction website but is part of a sophisticated phishing exercise. Genuine emails come from or Scam email addresses can look similar, e.g.,,, or

Kia Ora - Welcome to SeniorNet Nelson

SeniorNet Nelson is part of a community training network that supports and motivates people aged over 50 to use and enjoy computers and other technology in their everyday lives. At Covid-19 Level 1 the Learning Centre and Hall are open to all Members with Sanitise and Register precautions. Please keep checking the Timetable for any changes and for Online Events. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (click/tap the logo link above or at the top of every page).

Club Day will be back on 17th February 2021

Club Days are held in the Hall at Pioneer Park, 11 Hastings St, Nelson on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2 pm. The next meeting is on Wednesday 17th February at 2 pm in the Hall. Details will be available closer to the time. There will be a speaker, questions and answers, Club News updates and a cuppa. It's free and you may bring a friend. Click/tap the image, title or Read More for more information.


Click/Tap the image to go directly to the Newsletter website, or click/tap the Title or "Read More" to go to our Newsletters page. If you have any news to share with members let us know: Email or ring a Committee Member to contribute something interesting we can share.


SeniorNet Nelson has five Special Interest Groups, held monthly. All members are welcome. There is no need to register, just turn up. $2.00 towards overheads please. Click/Tap the image or the title to find links to individual Interest Groups, or Read More to find out more about our Interest Groups in general. You can also find a link button at the bottom of every screen to an article about each group, giving news of upcoming meetings and reports of previous meetings. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOMETIMES AN INTEREST GROUP MAY BE HELD ONLINE, SO PLEASE CHECK THE TIMETABLE TO MAKE SURE.


Senior Hangouts is seven-days-a-week free online tuition, consisting of up to six half-hour presentations per day. A tutor, or Hangout “buddy”, meets up to six registered participants on an advertised topic at the scheduled date and time, and all parties can see and hear each other. Hangouts covers a myriad of technology-related subjects. The presenter explains the topic by sharing his or her screen, often displaying a Powerpoint presentation. It is explained live, with participants able to interject and ask questions.

Teach Yourself Online - Tutorials and Videos

Introduction to the Internet

How the Internet works and how to connect to the Web.

Google Drive and Google Docs

The basics of Google Drive and how to create Google Docs.

EMail / GMail Introduction

Basic email, and how to send and receive emails on GMail.

Intro to Google Calendar

How to create, organise and share Google Calendars.

Introduction to YouTube

How to watch, create, and upload videos to YouTube.

Introduction to Google Photos

Solutions for storing, organising, sharing photos and videos.

Introduction to Searching Online

The basics of searching on the Internet.

Online help to organise Christmas

Ideas for organising your Christmas holidays online,

Brainfood - Challenge, Change & Learning

Ways to help keep your brain sharper. Google Calendar.

Introduction to Pinterest

How to use Pinterest to save clips and images.

Websites worth watching

The Spinoff: an independent online magazine

TED: Video talks of ideas worth spreading

ZoomQuilt: Watch an infinitely zooming image

Kanopy: Stream films for free via your library

GRANDParents NZ: Lifestyle, Games, Entertainment

Radio Garden: Explore live radio by rotating the globe

Techmoan: the best & worst of new and old technology

New Zealand History: Check out today in history

TechGumbo: Tips and tutorials on the latest technology

Oxford Union: the world's most famous debating society

Man And Drone: One man's drone adventures

NZ On Screen: Film, music video and web series