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Windows 10 Interest Group Convenor: Procedures



Procedures for the Windows 10 Interest Group Convenor

Updated information supplied as available

Sends out a reminder several days in advance with information about the next session.

At each meeting:

  • Sets up the hall & sign-in area and prepares tea things. 
  • Arranges for someone to take notes for a meeting report.
  • Welcomes members, checks for new members, checks that members have signed in, have paid if required and are wearing badges.
  • Gives the Health & Safety and Emergency evacuation announcement.
  • Presents prepared material or guides the program, encouraging input from all.
  • Leads the group to ask questions, provide answers & where possible demonstrations.
  • Arranges a different convener and topic for the next session.
  • Closes the meeting, records cash, files attendance record, locks up the Hall and Learning Centre using checklists.


  • Sends a Report of Meeting to the Management Committee before the third Wednesday of the month.

Reports to: Management Committee
Liaises with: Windows 19 Interest Group members, Management Committee and members.