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Volunteers: Documents

Android Device Mirroring for Samsung using SMARTVIEW App (via Chromecast)

Android Device Mirroring for Huawei using SCREEN MIRRORING App (via Chromecast)

Attendance Record for Workshop or Meeting

Becoming a Tutor

Brochure - Introductory

Share your knowledge flyer

Class Notification Form

Create a New Course or Workshop Guidelines 

Expo - how to manage an expo (Positive Ageing example)

Evaluation form for Courses and Workshops

Evaluation form for Interest Groups

Evaluation form for Tutors

Filing Label Template

Funding Criteria for Workshops and Courses (including Group Workshops)

Guidelines for Assistant Tutors

Hall Projector: Instructions for use with your device

Organisational Structure - SeniorNet Nelson

Projector Instructions Vickerman

RealVNC Instructions

Travel and Expenses Claim form

Tutor Orientation Checklist Template (Opens with Word)

Handbook for Volunteers

Handbook Cover

Hall Hire Charges Poster

Hall Hire Charges Brochure


No milk or biscuits? Take some petty cash and buy what you need. Put the receipt in the box please.

Please ring Stella Say 539-4700 if we need bulk catering supplies, hand towels, stationery etc. You can email Stella at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To access confidential documents you will need to log in: please go to Volunteers' Log-in page


Top of the South Regional Reports

Regional update March 2015

Regional update August 2014

Regional Meeting March 2014