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iPad/iPhone: Camera and Editing

Learn how to use your iPad/iPhone camera

iPad-and-iPhonePad/iPhone: Camera & Editing 

iphone photos



One x 2 hour session.
For iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone users



This is a course designed to give you the confidence to create and edit pictures and videos using your iPad/iPhone built-in camera. We’ll show you how to get started using the Camera app - one of the best, and most important apps on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. With it, you can capture those magic moments with your family and friends, at work or at play, at home or on holiday, in your backyard or atop a mountain halfway around the world. With a full working knowledge of the camera’s features and editing capabilities, you will be amazed at the quality of photos you will be able to capture.


You must have your own Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone to bring along to class with you.


You will learn how to:

- use your iPad/iPhone

  • Front and Back Cameras

- create

  • Photos
  • Videos including Time-lapse Videos
  • Panoramic Photos
  • Timed Photos to allow you include yourself in your photo
  • HDR and Burst Photos

- edit your photos

  • Auto Enhance
  • Crop
  • Straighten
  • Light and Shade
  • Colour
  • Black and White photos

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