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iPhone Starter

iphonesiPhone Starter

Two x 2 hour sessions.
For iPhone users.



This is a a basic starter course for people new to iPhones.


  • Bring your own iPhone.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference between Built-in apps and Web apps.
  • Contacts – How to add your Contacts' names, phone numbers and email addresses and how to save, edit and delete Contacts.
  • How to send texts, receive and reply to texts, and delete texts.
  • How to make phone calls, and receive phone calls. How to end a phone call and cancel a call.
  • Understand the basic difference between networks (Mobile networks and Broadband)
    WiFi - and how and when you are using them.
  • Understand the choices of how you pay to use your mobile phone - Prepaid buy-as-you-need vs a monthly Payment Plan.
  • Understand the Control Centre - flight mode and powering your phone off, wifi off and on, silencing your phone, volume, brightness, etc.
  • Know how to charge your phone

Once you are comfortable using your iPhone you will be ready to go on to the other options of iPhone/iPad courses on offer - as the skills required are the same.

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