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Pages for Mac

pages-icon-largePages for Mac

Two x 2 hour sessions 
For Mac users



This course covers the basic features of word processing, and will show you how to create your own "end of year" newsletter, using a template in the pages application on your Mac.  The first week concentrates on text and the second week focuses more on photos.

It does not cover Pages on the iPad.

Completion of the course will include a personal project such as a Christmas Letter or Newsletter, and how to send it to your mailing list of friends and family.


You need to have:

  • Pages on your own Mac.
  • Good general computer skills, including using Flash drives, Finder for file and photo location.
  • A USB stick with a selection of photos to insert, both portrait and landscape aspect, plus related text if you have any.

Learning Objectives

The course covers how to:

  • Start and configure Pages on the Mac.
  • Create a document by selecting a template.
  • Name and save a document.
  • Move through a document.
  • Edit and format text, paragraphs and images.
  • Cut, copy and paste text and graphics.
  • Insert images into a document.
  • Spell and grammar check a document.
  • Preview and print a document.
  • Complete a project to publication 

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