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Android: Your Smartphone Camera

A practical course in making the most of the camera in your Android Smartphone

smartphone camera

Three x 2-hour Sessions.
For Android Smartphone Camera Users




A course designed to help you make the most of the camera in your Android phone. We will discuss the basic features of your camera, the various Shooting Modes including Voice Control, how to edit photographs using the Snapseed App, and the basic principles of Composition and picture taking.


  • All participants need to have an Android device (not an Apple/Mac)
  • All participants need to understand the basics of using the main parts of their phone – tap, tap and hold, swipe/scroll etc., and how to navigate between apps and screens.
  • The assumption is that everyone knows how to use a camera in the sense of taking snapshots.
    It is strongly advised that participants download the User Guide for their particular phone. Google ‘User Guide for your make and model.’ Download it as a PDF file. Don’t print it – it will possibly have over 100 pages. If you want a printed version, copy it onto a USB smart drive and take it to Speedy Print or Copy Press for copying. It will cost about $15. Or just copy the pages for your Camera. The tutor will assist you in this process.


The course will help you to:

  • Make better photographs
  • Create Panoramas
  • Improve your composition skills
  • Make creative Effects using an App
  • Edit your photos including
  • Cropping
  • Straightening the horizon
  • Improving colour
  • Practical indoor and outdoor Field Work will be a feature of the Course.