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Scan Your Photo Memories

epson v330 scanner

One x 2-hour Session.
For Windows or Mac




Many people have collections of old 35mm colour slides or photos. This two-hour workshop aims to teach students the use of the Epson V330 Photo scanner so that they can preserve their memories in digital form. The class will be limited to small numbers of about four so that each can have hands-on practice. Members will be asked to bring along two or three of their own images to scan. Those who wish may then borrow the scanner to take home and scan their own photos. The scanner is privately owned by an enthusiastic DIG member who has generously made it available for these classes and to borrow.


A reasonable level of computer skills is required.

Learning Objectives

  • Installing the scanner software on your computer.
  • Features of the scanner; cleaning the glass plate.
  •  How to customize settings before you start.
  • Scan 35mm colour slides or film strips.
  • Scan prints or documents.