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Word Processing: Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013

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Part 1:  4 x 2-hour Sessions   Cost $40
For Windows and Mac users.

Part 2:  4 x 2-hour Sessions   Cost $28
For Windows and Mac users.


Word Processing - Part 1


This course covers many of the basic features of word processing, and will teach you how to create and decorate your own letters, booklets, fliers, reports, and all sorts of other documents. The most-used features of Word 2007 / 2010 / 2013 have been selected for Part 1. The course is divided into 2 x 4 session parts for your convenience. It will be really good for your computer knowledge to take both parts.


Important: You need to have: Microsoft Word 2007; OR Microsoft Word 2010;  OR Microsoft Word 2013 on your computer to take the Word 2007/2010/2013 course. If you are not sure whether you have Microsoft Word on your computer:

  • Click the Start button, then All Programs, and scroll down the list that appears.
  • If you find a folder called Microsoft Office click it and a list will appear showing which version ofthe Microsoft Office programs you have (e.g. Microsoft Word 2010).
  • If you cannot find a Microsoft Office folder you probably haven't had it installed on your computer

Learning Objectives

The course covers basic features of word processing. How to:

  • Find your way around the Microsoft Word window using the ribbon, the different tabs and groups
  • Use the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Create a document by adding text.
  • Name and save a document.
  • Move through a document.
  • Edit and format text and paragraphs.
  • Change the page layout.
  • Cut, copy and paste text and graphics.
  • Insert clip art and pictures into a document.
  • Spell and grammar check a document.
  • Preview and print a document.

Word Processing - Part 2


The 4-session sequel course builds on the skills learned in Part 1 and explores the more advanced features of the program. It is recommended for regular users of Word 2007/2010/2013 who would like to become fully proficient in its use.


Word 2007/2010/2013 (Part 1)

Learning Objectives

You will learn to:

  • Indent paragraphs
  • Add borders and shading
  • Insert tab stops
  • Create columns, tables and text boxes.
  • Add page numbers, headers and footers
  • Use the Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Add numbered and bulleted lists, and symbols
  • Use the Find and Replace function
  • Explore many other features of the Word program
  • Create your own certificate for the course.

On completing this course you will know how to create and decorate your own letters, stories, reports, newsletters and other documents. The skills you learn in a word processing course will also give you the confidence and knowledge to do many of the other courses offered by SeniorNet. 

A very enjoyable course.      word-image

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