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Windows 10 Beyond the basics

windows 10 laptop desktop

For Windows 10 computers or laptops

Two x 2-hour session.



This Windows 10 course will teach you how to customise your computer. It works as a basic file and folder use refresher, and helps you to understand the Start Menu and the Desktop, plus other Windows 10 features.

  • Bring your own device or use one of our SeniorNet computers


You must have attended our Windows Basic Skills course or be reasonably confident at using a computer (discuss with course tutor).


Session 1: Basic file and folder use refresher

  • Review files and folders, how to:
    ● Understand the computer’s file system (Introduction to File Explorer)
    ● Create and name a folder
    ● Create and save a file
    ● Rename a file/folder
    ● Copy a: folder, and file(s)
    ● Find and open retrieve files
    ● Move files and folders

Session 2: Start menu and desktop

  • How to customise the start menu (pin to start, tiles, live tiles)
  • How to personalise the desktop (different: background image, colour and font scheme)
  • How to create shortcuts to programs and files on the Desktop
  • How to use and customise the taskbar (add/remove shortcuts, Search, Task view, icons on right-end of taskbar)