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Windows Basic Skills

building blocks

Two x 2-hour sessions    Cost $20
For Windows users



If you are new to computers it is a good idea to start at the beginning. This course helps you with those basic skills that are necessary to get the most from other courses.


A computer or laptop using the Windows system. 

Learning Objectives

This course will help you with:

  • Basic terminology (computer-speak e.g. PC, desktop, laptop, tablet, server, website, web page, document, folder, file etc.)

  • What the words Hardware and Software mean

  • The various components of the computer (e.g. mouse, keyboard, monitor, hard drive, USB drive, DVD drive, and router).

  • Using the Mouse:
    • How to hold the Mouse correctly
    • How to move the Mouse Pointer (Cursor) around the screen of your computer (Desktop).
    • The three mouse buttons and how to use them (to select, run/open and show the context menu)

  • Features of the Keyboard:
    • What the keys on the keyboard do
    • Some useful 'shortcuts' which save you from using the Mouse (e.g. Ctr+s, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+p, Ctrl+x, Ctrl+a – also options associated with the Windows key and function keys)

  • Files and folders, how to:
    • understand the computer’s file system (introduction to File Explorer)
    • create and name a folder
    • create and save a file
    • rename a file/folder
    • copy a folder, and file(s)
    • find, open and retrieve files
    • move files and folders

  • Documents, how to:
    • enter and format text
    • add images
    • highlight content and cut, copy and paste it
    • copy and paste from one document to another
    • save a file with a descriptive name