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WordPad – Basics and Beyond

(Word processing and computer skills using WordPad, a program which is already installed on your Windows computer)

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Four x 2-hour sessions   
Suitable for Windows 7 and 10 operating systems.



You know the very basics, but now you want to know more! Do you want to create a newsletter about a family event, start writing your family history and add photos, or send an official letter to the Council? Do you want to know how to type a letter with fancy text, how to add a picture, how to copy and paste information from one place on the computer to another and send your information to the printer? You need to do this four week course.
This course is highly recommended as the next step after  Windows Basic Skills for anybody who wishes to upgrade their computer skills. Although WordPad is basically a word processing program, the skills you learn are far more universal in the computer world.


You only need to have done one of the Introduction to Windows Computers courses, or have the equivalent skills.
You need to have the Windows 7, or Windows 10 operating system on your computer. 


By honing your WordPad skills you will discover:

  • the wide range of skills WordPad can add to your computer knowledge
  • the basics of word processing and creating documents, including cut, copy and paste methods, inserting pictures, previewing and printing.
  • how these skills can be transferred to most other computer programs and applications, such as email and internet browsing
  • how these skills will give you the confidence and competence to enrol for and manage the many other courses offered by SeniorNet.

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