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2 x 2-hour sessions     Cost $10     For Windows users.


This program is extremely handy but often overlooked. Check it out and find how useful it could be for you. If you have a Microsoft Office Suite on your computer, you should have OneNote. OneNote is an electronic version of a set of paper notebooks in which you can add notes, thoughts, ideas, reminders, and many other kinds information. It is quickly available to you whatever else you may be using your computer for at the time.


To get the most out of OneNote you need good word processing skills. It is best to have done one of the Word Processing courses.

Learning Objectives

You will learn that you can:

  • Type, write, or draw notes in the form of text, graphics, and images anywhere on the page.
  • Move and delete information easily.
  • Add extra pages, sections and notebooks where and when you need them.
  • Use OneNote while researching.
  • Online or offline, you can add and organise notes, ideas and reminders, and find them again easily
  • Organise your notes by subjects or projects
  • Keep separate notebooks for different people, places and interests.

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