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dropbox 33Dropbox

One x 2-hour session.
For all operating systems.



  • Dropbox is a free service – documents, photos and videos can be shared with family, friends and colleagues.
  • It allows you to keep your photos and documents in the "clouds".
  • You can use your Dropbox anywhere in the world.
  • Share links and folders with friends.
  • You can sync all your devices with Dropbox.
  • If your computer crashes, everything in Dropbox is safe.


To get the most from this workshop you need to have good file management and word processing skills.
Learning Objectives

  • Download and install Dropbox.
  • Share folders with friends.
  • How to add photos and upload files
  • Sync your devices.

Here's what one workshop participant said:

"I want to say how useful the workshop has been that Helen ran on Dropbox. I am using information I gained to store an extra backup of material I am accumulating for a biography I am writing of my husband (in addition to my flash drives).I have also used it to share photos with friends - much easier than via Facebook. The next step is to put it on the netbook I use when I travel so that I can access the files I need" M.B.

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