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Google Drive

google drive

Two x 2-hour sessions
For any operating system connected to the internet



Google Drive is a free tool from Google that lets you store and access files almost from anywhere. Google drive can be accessed from any device - a PC, laptop or handheld device - with any operating system connected to the internet. Upon creation of a Google account, you are instantly given 15 GB of cloud-storage space where you  can store photos, documents and files, and also gives you a place to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more if you wish.


Good computer skills.
A Google Acount (you may already have a Gmail account). This needs to be organised BEFORE the course.


In this course you will learn:

  • to access your Google Drive
  • to understand the Google Drive interface
  • to upload and sync files and folders
  • about sharing and collaborating
  • to convert and print Google Docs
  • to install the Google Drive desktop or mobile app

Course Resources

Link to how to use Google Drive and Docs page: Google Drive and Docs howtos