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 pay my park






One x 2-hour session
For any operating system



Nelson City Council has replaced the older parking meters.
It still offers free parking for the first hour when parked in the city. But you must use a new Pay-by-Plate parking system even if parking for free.
You can pay for parking at a parking meter or online using the PayMyPark App. This App is available for Android devices at Google Play and for Apple iPhones at the App Store and it is free to download.

PayMyPark charges 50c per park to use the App without registering. This gets much cheaper if you create an account and load stored credit on the app. PayMyPark’s charge for a $20 upload with a card is 8.6%.


Reasonable computer/device skills.
Bring your own device.


In this workshop you will learn to:

  • download and install the App PayMyPark on your mobile device.
  • register your account on the App.
  • store your vehicle registration number/s on the App
  • use the App right from your car
  • check time remaining on your park remotely
  • extend your parking time remotely within time limits
  • receive alerts about any extra charges due