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Spreadsheets: LibreOffice Calc

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2 x 2-hour sessions
For Windows, Mac or Linux users



LibreOffice is a FREE suite of programmes, similar to Microsoft Office, and includes LibreOffice Writer (similar to Microsoft Word), LibreOffice Impress (similar to Microsoft PowerPoint) and LibreOffice Calc (similar to Microsoft Excel). To find out more about LibreOffice Calc click here.
To download this suite go to

Spreadsheet programs can be very sophisticated professional pieces of software used for business purposes, but they are also able to be used in the home to record and analyse simple household lists and finances, such as you may already record on paper. This Introduction to LibreOffice Calc is designed to enable home users to "open the door" to the many useful ways you can take advantage of this software. 


  • You need to have the LibreOffice suite downloaded on your computer or laptop.
  • You may use the Learning Centre computers during the course, or bring your own laptop. 
  • You need to be familiar with common computer techniques typically used through web browsing, emailing, word processing.
  • You need a basic understanding of arithmetic functions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • If you wish to save your work to take home you can bring your own USB stick.

Learning Objectives

A take-home DVD containing all the relevant data and background study data will be issued to students, and this will be used during the learning sessions. We will use a preprepared spreadsheet and the aim is to introduce you to spreadsheets in the LibreOffice environment. 

You will learn to:

  • Identify ways of utilising spreadsheets.
  • Manipulate a spreadsheet.
  • Record data and create, copy and paste formulas and functions.
  • Acquire information using various resources.
  • Navigate toolbars and menus
  • Review worksheets, workbooks and their components
  • Use basic formulas in LibreOffice Calc.

Desired Outcomes:

When you have completed the course you should be able to:

Ø  Prepare a spreadsheet, edit and format it,

Ø  Apply formulas and functions to a spreadsheet,

Ø  Use the standard and drawing toolbars,

Ø  Create charts from spreadsheet data,

Ø  Set up a database, manage, sort and filter it,

Ø  Save an Excel file,

Ø  Print and copy spreadsheets or database information and

Ø  Select from a range of other practical uses of Excel.

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