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Symbaloo: bookmark program

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One x 2-hour session
Suitable for any operating system.



Are you an information hoarder - do you save endless bits of information you think may be useful in the future? Do you have old magazine articles, newspaper clippings and handwritten notes stored in a dozen places, collecting dust, which you intend to sort one day? The problem is, remembering what you saved and where to find it when you need it. Is your web life much the same - have you tried to find a way to organise your long list of web links, using bookmarks and folders to keep things organised? Symbaloo could be just the answer to your problem.

Symbaloo is a free visual Bookmark or Favourites organiser where you can have all your favourite websites at your fingertips. It is user-friendly and simple to learn. Because it is a web based program, once you have set up an account it is available to you from any device that connects to the internet - your home computer, your tablet, your smart phone, etc.

Symbaloo uses colourful groups of tiles which together form "webmixes". Each tile is a one-click link to a website. You can have as many webmixes as you like, such as a basic "home page" mix with links to your Gmail, Facebook and Twitter accounts, to the newspaper you like to read each day, to your bank etc. You can also set up a webmix devoted to a hobby or a club, to genealogy research, to the organisation of an overseas trip, or to any theme you wish.


Reasonable Internet skills 
Access to your email account from the SeniorNet Learning Centre. The reason for this is that after you have set up an account at SeniorNet you will be asked to go to your email to verify your registration.


The aim of this workshop is to create a quick way to store your favourite web links, sort them into categories and have them easily accessible. You will:

  • set up an free account for Symbaloo, accessible from any device connected to the internet.
  • create Symbaloo webmixes (pages), and add tiles (website shortcuts) to your webmixes.
  • learn ways to find already-created subject-related webmixes, and share your webmixes.

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