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WhatsApp Messenger
(2 courses - One for Android and one for iPhone)

whatsappWhatsApp Messenger

Two x 2-hour sessions
For Android and iPhone Smartphones


WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging App for smartphones. It uses your phone’s Internet to make calls, send text or voice messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio media messages to other WhatsApp users (including groups of people, set up from your own contacts list) using standard cellular mobile numbers.
Provided you have an adequate data plan, it is free to send and receive messages over WhatsApp to others who also have the App installed on their phone.

Suitable for these Smartphones:

whatsapp phones 2

Download the App from your phone's App Store or visit
It may not be suitable for old phones,  the hardware of which does not match later software upgrades. Or tablets which do not actually have an SMS card slot for making telephone calls. 



A hands-on workshop to denstrate how to message friends for free using WhatsApp.



Make sure that your phone can use WhatsApp
Bring your Smartphone (preferably with WhatsApp already installed).


Learning Objectives

Learn about:
• Inviting friends to WhatsApp and adding them to your Contacts
• Sending messages
• Receiving messages
• Managing settings

Contact: John Watt - tel 5451726 mobile +64210490744 or email nzjwatt@gmail
Leave your name, membership number, and contact details.

If possible please download WhatsApp from your app store onto your phone prior to arrival.
Also, enter John's mobile phone number into your phones contact list.



Below is a partial screenshot of a WikiHow page that teaches how to use WhatsApp. A link ("Show 5 more...") is highlighted in the page's navigation menu that when clicked on will cause the full menu to be shown. You can then click on a topic name to cause the page to scroll to it.

The following link points to the web page in question. Click on it to visit the page:  How to Use WhatsApp

wikihow whatsapp

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