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Coffee & Learn Online

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The original interest group (Coffee and Learn Together) has closed, but you might like to grab a coffee (or tea, or ...) and check out some of the links in the notes below to while away the hours while you are in lockdown. Every month had a different topic and was truly a "Learn Together" group for people with all levels of knowledge, any kind of device or system and all manner of skills, either many or few. Each month the focus was on a different topic, briefly covering the basics and then going on to find out more. Members came along with their own suggestions and experiences to contribute.

Report: October 2019 - Top Websites & Apps
Report: September 2019 - Keeping it Simple

Report: August 2019 - Playing it Safe (Safety & Security)

Report: July 2019 - Shopping and Banking Online

Report: June 2019 - Your Favourite Apps

Report: May 2019 - Planning a Holiday

Report: April 2019 - Vital Digital Skills

Report: March 2019 - Starting a family tree

Report: February 2019 - Search and Save

Report: November 2018 - Tips and Shortcuts

Report: October 2018 - Organising Christmas from home
Updated for Christmas 2020

Report: September 2018 - Bookmarking & Curating
Report: August 2018 - YouTube

Report: July 2018 - About Google

Report: June 2018 - Writing Tools

Report: May 2018 - Brainfood Online

Report: April 2018 - Reading & Listening

Report: March 2018 - Advanced Internet

Report: February 2018 - Social Media

Report: November 2017 - Understanding Apps
Report: October 2017 - Internet Basics