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Coffee & Learn Together

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Sorry, but this group has closed - Final meeting was 26th October 2019.

See below for links to notes from all the sessions


This is truly a "Learning Together" Group - people with all levels of knowledge will hopefully learn something and also be able to contribute.

Who should come? 

  • People with any kind of device or system, but there is no need to bring your device
  • People with all manner of skills, many or few
  • People who just want to listen, or would like to contribute their knowledge

What topic will be demonstrated and discussed?

  • Each month the focus will be on a different topic
  • We will briefly cover the basics and then go on to find out more

How do I register?

  • There is no need to register, just turn up at the Learning Centre and join in
  • Come along, bring your ideas and enjoy learning and helping others


Monthly Reports for Coffee & Learn Together Group

Report: October 2019 - Top Websites & Apps
Report: September 2019 - Keeping it Simple

Report: August 2019 - Playing it Safe (Safety & Security)

Report: July 2019 - Shopping and Banking Online

Report: June 2019 - Your Favourite Apps

Report: May 2019 - Planning a Holiday

Report: April 2019 - Vital Digital Skills

Report: March 2019 - Starting a family tree

Report: February 2019 - Search and Save

Report: November 2018 - Tips and Shortcuts

Report: October 2018 - Organising Christmas from home

Report: September 2018 - Bookmarking & Curating

Report: August 2018 - YouTube

Report: July 2018 - About Google

Report: June 2018 - Writing Tools

Report: May 2018 - Brainfood Online

Report: April 2018 - Reading & Listening

Report: March 2018 - Advanced Internet

Report: February 2018 - Social Media

Report: November 2017 - Understanding Apps
Report: October 2017 - Internet Basics



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