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DIG Report - 25th August, 2017

It was an enjoyable DIG meeting on 25th August.

The Meeting was attended by 29 members..

The photo topic for the month was "Reflections". There were many beautiful photos showing reflections in water. Some innovative members showed reflections in wine glasses, household items, windows and there was even a face in a coffee cup.

The archive photo topic was "People in Foreign Lands". There were some impressive photos from all around the world, showing children, families and people in their local environment.

The Member's Profile of the Month was presented by John Laws.

John showed a very profesional presentation on his Hot Air Balloon trip in Turkey. His excellent photos were shown, accompanied by the Turkish music which had been played on his trip. The tour was taken in a very cramped basket, but John still managed to take good photos of the rugged countryside, houses carved out of solid rock and villages perched on steep slopes. The journey was completed safely, and a glass of wine and fruit cake was consumed at the end. In the current Middle East political climate, ballooning has disappeared because of the terrorist attacks.

The guest speaker was Mary Preiss.

In the 1960's Mary travelled in the ship "Fairsky" from Wellington to England taking 5 1/2 weeks at a cost of $260. Involved in photo reproduction, she was going to England to learn the latest technologies. Throughout her trip she used Kodachrome colour slides, which have now been scanned. What wonderful, colourful, sharp photos.

Mary's trip to England, via the Middle East had many stopovers, with the highlight being her few days in Egypt photographing the Pyramids and markets. In England Mary did a 6 month course at Kodak on Specialist Colour Printing. She combined various photographic jobs with travel.
Fascinated by thatched roofs, ancient city walls, gates and sculptures, Mary photographed some notable events, with one being the Cowes Yachting Regatta. She showed some amazing yachting photos.

Mary's return to New Zealand in December 1967 was by boat via South Africa. They had many stopovers, with the one in Capetown being memorable because of a fire on board that necessitated abandoning ship. They were lucky they were near a port, so an extra week in Capetown was the result.
This was an excellent presentation of very good and interesting photos, with a story well told.

We finished the meeting with three YouTube videos on photo and internet advertising from Keith.


Next Month's Meeting Photos - Friday 29th September.
Current month -  Spring.  (So get out with your camera now).
Archive photos - Rivers.
Remember Three photos in each category.

Save the Date: Friday 3rd November for our trip to DIG Marlborough Sounds - they are keen to welcome us.

Our next meeting is on Friday 29th September at the Hall.
We have a special feature.- 
We are incorporating an old fashioned colour slide show.
So could members please dig into their old slide boxes and bring along
three old Kodachrome slides.

Tea at Sete