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SeniorNet is a community training network that supports and motivates people aged over 50 to use and enjoy computers and other technology in their everyday lives. Easy, supported learning, at your pace. Have fun among your peers.

  • Courses are held on weekdays from February to November
  • Several Special Interest Groups meet each month
  • Four Help Sessions are held each month
  • There is a free monthly Club Meeting with speakers
  • SPECIAL SAVINGS: Save the cost of your sub in a single transaction! We have sponsors/supporters offering really good deals that are exclusive to SeniorNet members

 Use our Microsoft Windows PCs or Apple Macintosh computers - or you can bring your own.

  • We help with many other devices, including Android Tablets and Smartphones, iPads, iPhones and Digital Cameras.
  • All our tutors are volunteers who are also over 50 years old.
  • Enjoy affordable easy lessons in a comfortable learning environment.
  • Start learning at any level - from keyboard and basic skills for completely new computer users to special interest groups for the experienced.
  • Click here to view our Timetable. 

How to join SeniorNet Nelson

We can post a free information pack to you which includes a Membership Application form and Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is just to guide us on how best to help you. Please leave a message on the answerphone (03) 548-9401, and we will call you back. You can then complete and send the forms back to us along with your joining fee of $25, or you can pay online and scan and email the forms. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Online payments: SeniorNet Nelson Inc. 03-0703-0385293-00. Payments must show your full name and the reference "JOIN". 
If you would like to call and visit us first, feel free to come to one of our monthly meetings or drop in on one of our Help Session days and somebody will be happy to show you around.

To contact us

To contact us:
SeniorNet Nelson Inc.
P O Box 581
Nelson 7040, New Zealand
Answerphone: (03) 548 9401
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To find us: 

SeniorNet Nelson
Pioneer Park
11 Hastings Street, Nelson
(Almost opposite Spotlight entrance)

To update your contact details: 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are the stories of some of our members about joining SeniorNet Nelson:

E’beth’s story:

“I love Digital Imagery”, says E’beth McKendry, “but my photography skills were not good enough for me to belong to a Camera Club, so I dropped into SeniorNet's Digital Imagery Group”. She enjoyed the meeting and explains “I met some outstandingly good photographers with the most amazing expertise. They are happy to help people like me who just enjoy taking and sharing photographs”. Having joined the group, she now says “I have learned how to edit images and other clever things that make my photos so much better”. She would recommend SeniorNet to others saying “ I found that SeniorNet Nelson is packed with dynamic, savvy, digitally smart folk who are a pleasure to be with”.

Trevor’s story:

“I joined SeniorNet Nelson in 2003 because of my interest in computers,” says Trevor Lewis. “I felt I had some knowledge to pass on and also that it was an opportunity for me to learn more.” He explains that over the years it has exceeded his expectations, both in what he has learned but also in being involved in tutoring, which has been personally satisfying. “Membership has also provided social contact which has been enriching and I can recommend this aspect of SeniorNet”. Surprisingly, he says “An unexpected personal bonus has been a greatly increased confidence at getting up and addressing a group. I can recommend joining SeniorNet”.

Roger’s story:

“I wanted to engage with local people my age who were fun and intelligent”, says Roger Pittman, and in SeniorNet he found them. “Technology is a passion of mine and I love passing on my knowledge and feel very rewarded when people stop me in the street and tell me how much my tutorials have helped them. With all the computers at SeniorNet”, he explains “it’s like having a huge train set to play with, so I enjoy getting involved on the technical side too”.

Hilary’s story:

“Returning to live in Nelson after 20 years away, recently retired and lucky enough to have one friend still living in Nelson,” says Hilary Carpenter, “I was otherwise completely friendless, missing a strong network and needed to fill this void. I read a magazine article about SeniorNet Nelson showing a cover shot of 'techy' people, my age, invitingly lined up at a bank of computers. They needed interested people to join as tutors”, she continues “and now, 4 years later I have many, many like-minded friends, I’ve met masses of inspiring seniors and am continuing to learn and be challenged. Thank you SeniorNet!”

Tony’s story:

“I had some word processing and desktop publishing skills and thought my knowledge could be useful to SeniorNet”, says Tony Milner “and once I joined I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much SeniorNet could do for me too”. “I progressed from sitting in on a class, then assisting and then eventually to being a Tutor. I thoroughly enjoy tutoring, and when students comment on my teaching skills, I remind them I’m not teaching, I’m simply passing on knowledge. Fronting a class at SeniorNet has increased my self-confidence”, he says, “and as a member I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge I wouldn’t otherwise have had”.

Gwenny’s story:

Gwenny Davis’s was an odd journey.  “First, I got my first grandchild, she’s French and lives in Lyon!  Second, I saw a wonderful movie called Demain (French for ‘Tomorrow’) about the future of the planet. Instead of being depressed, I came out thinking “What can I do?” All I could think of was buy an electric car’ to make up for the coming trips to France!  So I needed to get smart with my phone. I downloaded apps like Plugshare (an e-car charging station app) and got GPS working on my phone. I learned how to get Bluetooth in my car and Spotify so I could listen to music from Auckland to Nelson in my new quiet smooth little 100% electric Nissan Leaf.   How wonderful it was that SeniorNet was having an Open Day – I quickly took two courses (on getting smarter with my phone and on Spotify (yeah, it’s easy - but how DO you ensure that my string quartet will continue on to the second movement instead of “shuffling” right along to Edith Piaf !?” Then she adds “I volunteered to be the minute secretary on the Committee, and have done that for a year now. For various reasons I can’t continue. Would you like to join SeniorNet and take over my wee job? (PS – I love the car by the way)”.

Biddy’s story:

Biddy Myers purchased a new mobile phone, but it had not come out of its box for over a year. “I eventually admitted that this was not what I wanted, so looked around for help. I knew Nelson Seniornet existed and I reluctantly admitted that perhaps a mobile phone course might be worth attending”, she says. “I was converted and the knowledge that I gained from that idiot-proof presentation was just the thing. I won’t say that my phone is actually always switched on”, she
explains, “but at least I know how to do so when I want to contact someone or to take photos! SeniorNet has helped me avoid being out of the loop in today’s digital world”.

Jim’s story:

Jim Cross joined Seniornet some years ago, taking numerous computer courses to learn more about photo editing, email, TradeMe and getting the best out of Google Earth. Jim says “My needs are now met using an iPad, and I still get great benefit from attending the iPad Interest Group meetings. I meet like-minded people and we all help each other to learn how to get the most out of our devices”, he says. “We learn about updates and generally enjoy a relaxed, sociable session. To get the most out of your device it’s important to keep up with software developments, trends, and computer jargon. I find the Interest Group an ideal platform for this”.