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Message from Chairman Carl Horn

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Greetings, Everyone,
This Special Newsletter is the result of my need to resign from the role of Chairperson of SeniorNet Nelson. I am expecting to be moving to Westport before the end of the year, possibly by the second week of November. As a consequence, with this Newsletter I am resigning from the role of Chairperson of SeniorNet Nelson effective the end of the October Members’ Meeting on the afternoon of 17 October, 2018.
I am disappointed I am leaving SeniorNet Nelson and not completing my third term as your Chairperson. However, it would be hard to fulfil that role from Westport. Unfortunately my personal circumstances have to override my personal preferences.
It has been my continuing pleasure to have participated with you in the activities of SeniorNet Nelson during the past decade. Participating with you in various courses and learning groups has provided me with much enjoyment and satisfaction, as well as much instruction I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. To read the full newsletter CLICK HERE.