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Roger Hilary Podcast 400 x

Many Members of SeniorNet Nelson are fans of podcasts - those digital audio files available on the Internet that we can listen to on any of our devices at any time we like. It is great to be able to catch up on missed episodes if you are listening to something in instalments. And there is a wealth of entertainment at our eartips. The range of topics and the knowlege that we can easily access in podcast form is inexhaustible.
If you need help getting started with podcasts come along to SeniorNet and we will point you in the right direction. It is a lot of fun!

SeniorNet Nelson’s Media Group scored a first this month by creating their own podcast. Convenors Roger Pittman and Hilary Carpenter interviewed a group of volunteers on 27th November 2019 about their views on our organisation. They edited the results to produce this six minute item. If you’re curious about the work of our volunteers, give it a listen by clicking this link. Who knows, it may lead to other podcasts in the future!
Photo: Hilary Carpenter and Roger Pittman at work on the Podcast.