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When to wear a face mask

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Wearing a face mask can reduce the risk of infected people spreading COVID-19. Make sure you have non-medical grade masks ready for each person in your household.

When should I use a face mask?

Face masks are particularly useful where there is known community transmission and people are in close proximity to each other, such as on public transport, in shops or in other confined or crowded environments.

At Alert Level 1, you don't need to wear face masks because at that level there is no evidence of COVID-19 community transmission.

At Alert Level 2, it's recommended that you wear a mask in situations when you can't maintain physical distancing, such as on public transport. At Alert Level 2 COVID-19 is contained, but there is a risk of community transmission. Wearing masks is one way to help stop community spread from happening.

At Alert Level 3, you are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask when you leave your home. This is because there is a high risk COVID-19 is not contained. Wearing a mask is a key part of the strategy to stop it spreading further.

At All Alert Levels, if you are unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, you should stay at home and seek medical advice. If you need to travel to see a health professional, you should wear a face mask.

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