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computer basics

If you are new to computers or just want to update your computer skills, it is a good idea to start at the beginning. The courses listed below will give you a great grounding for your future digital experiences.
Even if you think you are competent you will always learn something new by going back to the start. Please consider refreshing your skills as some of our courses and workshops have prerequisites and it is extremely helpful if the tutor teaching a course does not have to spend time showing you the basics.


android tablet

android smart phone Android Starter Course

This introductory course trains members about the essentials of using Android smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but not the phone and messaging functions (see the Android Phone and SMS Text Course).


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apple logo large

Mac Computer Starter 

If you have just bought a new Mac computer, or you need to refresh your knowledge, this course is the one for you. Click the image for more information on this course.


iPads iPad Starter

Start at the beginning with your new iPad, or brush up on your iPad skills.
Click the image for more information on this course.


wordpad logo jpgWordPad - Basics and Beyond

WordPad is on every Windows computer and, although it is basically a word processing program, the skills you learn are far more universal in the computer world. Click the image for more information on this course.


flashdrive2sFlash Drives / USB Sticks

A flash drive (sometimes called a USB device, drive or stick, thumb drive, pen drive, jump drive, memory stick or USB memory) is a small storage device that can be used to transport files from one computer to another and can carry all your work for an entire year (or more)! Click the image for more information on this course.

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