How-do-I... Manage my computer

computer management

These courses will help you learn how to organise your files; know more about the workings of your computer's operating system; monitor and optimise it for performance; know what to do about update messages; learn about anti-virus/anti-malware software to provide protection against malicious attacks; troubleshoot hardware, software and/or network and Internet errors, and much more.



files and folders

Managing the contents of your computer

This course is all about organising your computer's contents (its files and folders) in a sensible way. It's a bit like moving into a new house and storing all your belongings in appropriate places, so you'll know where to find them when you want them again.


computer managementComputer Management

This course will help you to understand the components of a computer - monitor, keyboard and internal parts. Learn how to remove unwanted programs and files; how to disc clean and defragment the hard drive; about security issues and backing up your information.


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