How-do-I... Manage my photos/images

camera and phone

We can help you with your digital photos.
There are courses to teach you about your new camera; move your photos from your camera or phone to your computer; edit and print your favourites; organise and store your photos, and many other helpful techniques.



smartphone camera

Android: Using your smartphone camera

This is a course designed to give you the confidence to create and edit pictures and videos using your iPad/iPhone built-in camera. Get started using the Camera app on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone and be amazed at the quality of photos you will capture.


new digital camera

Camera: New Digital Camera

A hands-on workshop to help you learn more about your camera. Come and find out what the different buttons are for. Bring your own camera and its handbook. Learn about focusing, using the flash, using the special scene modes and much, much more.


camera to computer

Camera to Computer

One of the universal activities people use computers for is viewing and sharing digital photos. This course shows you how to transfer photos from your Camera to your Computer. Note that the course is for people with cameras, not Smart Phones, also it is intended for beginners.


camera to computer

Camera to Mac

One of the common activities people use computers for is viewing and sharing digital photos. This course, which is for those who use a Mac rather than a PC, shows you how to transfer photos from your digital camera, memory stick, phone or tablet to your Mac computer.


photopea logo

Creative image editing

This course will teach you how to use the Photopea online image editing program. Photopea is a free web tool that lets you create, open and edit image files, using filters, photo effects and other features. It is a good alternative to Photoshop or Gimp.


mac photos icon

Mac Photos

This is a basic course to get you started with Mac Photos for people with an Apple Mac desktop or laptop computer. Learn how to view your photos, change how they are displayed and organise them into albums and folders.


epson v330 scanner

Scan Your Photo Memories

Many people have collections of old 35mm colour slides or photos. This workshop aims to teach students the use of the Epson V330 Photo scanner so that they can preserve their memories in digital form. Those who wish may then borrow the scanner to take home and scan their own photos. The scanner is privately owned by an enthusiastic DIG member who has generously made it available for these classes and to borrow.


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