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Site Backup – weekly


Log into client area - Cloud Control Panel.

Choose  our active product from the drop-down: Standard Support Plan and Joomla.

(Record what you’re doing as you go.)

When the screen changes, click Application, then Manage Backups.

Click Create Backup, and in the new window if necessary click both Files and Database boxes so that they show a tick.

Put the date in the name field. Enter a comment like "after creating email accounts" or whatever if necessary.

Check the box "Notify me when process completes" then click create.

Backup  is generated. Time taken is dependent on Internet speed and the size of the file – perhaps 5 minutes or more.

You have two hours in which to download the backup files i

Use the free FTP program FileZilla. See the Seniornet info files for login details.

Use an external drive to store the files.

IWe use 3 Flash Drives, deleting the oldest backup and replacing it with the current one if necessary. Format the drives from time to time. Write the date on the Flash Drive.

Log out of Cloud Control Panel